Selected papers for Environment & Planning – B special issue

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We are delighted to present the group of papers selected for CUPUM’19 special session “Planning Support Science with Urban Informatics” and invited for submissions to Environment & Planning – B special issue. Please find the author(s)/title information for each selected paper below along with general conference and special session information. 

Selected Papers:



Yanliu Lin

Social Media as Planning Supports for Collaborative Planning      

Yihan Wu, Qingming Zhan

A multi-objective optimization model of urban design for facilitating air pollution removal and thermal comfort

Haozhi Pan, Yizhao Gao, Si Chen, Brian Deal

An Urban Informatics Approach to Understanding Residential Mobility in Metro Chicago

Chao Xu, Dagmar Haase, Meirong Su, Yutao Wang, Stephan Pauleit

Assessment of landscape changes under different urban dynamics based on a multiple-scenario modelling approach  

Q. Han, B. de Vries, B. Glumac

An Agent-based Model for Allocations of Renewable Energy Sources in Urban Area

Ana Spataru, Ray Wyatt

Predicting plans’ popularity to facilitate sensitive management of the rural-urban fringe

Zipan Cai, Vladimir Cvetkovic

Spatial Dynamic Modeling for Urban Planning of Nanjing, China   

Perry Pei-Ju Yang, Helen W. Chen, Soowon Chang and Nirvik Saha     

Data-driven Campus Design Support System     

Jessica Page, Zahra Kalantari 

Adapting open-source technology for use in local planning: A case study in Stockholm County, Sweden

Ying Long, Guowei Lyu     

Urban Modelling focusing on streets: Opportunities and Progresses   

Huaxiong Jiang, Patrick Witte, Stan Geertman   

Does the PSS Discourse Have Something to Offer to the Smart Governance Debate?

Tianren Yang, Ying Jin, Zhenxuan Yin, De Wang

Understanding commuting changes as a science of planning: A collaborative use of mobile phone data and planning-support model  

Yuji Yoshimura, Ian Seiferling , Ruixian Ma, Zhoutong Wang, Gary Hack, Carlo Ratti     

Revisiting Kevin Lynch: Analysis of urban perception by deep convolutional neural network      

Rounaq Basu, Joseph Ferreira

A microsimulation framework to evaluate the impact of car-lite policies on household vehicle availability

Yiyuan Wang, Qing Shen, Feiyang Sun, Jan Whittington and Casey Gifford

Urban analytics in the era of shared mobility and big data: experience from Seattle’s new mobility service experiment

Samuel Maurer, Paul Waddell      

Template-based software architecture for modular

and reproducible urban modelling

Chris Pettit, Vivien Shi, Markus Rittenbruch, Marcus Foth, Hoon Han, Scott Lieske, Ryan van de Nouwelant, Carmela Ticzon, Peta Mitchell, Aida Afrooz, Simone Zarpelon Leao, Bryce Christensen, Murad Jamal

A Rapid Analytics Scenario Planning Tool

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Please contact Brian Deal ( and cc Stan Geertman (, Haozhi Pan ( for any questions regarding the CUPUM special session and the E&P-B special issue.

CUPUM Information:

CUPUM will be held during July 8-12, 2019 in Wuhan, China. We will hold 3 sessions for the invited papers and authors on Thursday, July 11. The early registration deadline for the conference is April 30. For more information, please see the official CUPUM website: