Technical visits

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Venue: Zhongnan Garden Hotel Parking Lot       Time: 13:30 on July 12 (Friday)


No.1     The State Key Laboratory of Information Engineering in Surveying, Mapping and Remote Sensing (LIESMARS)

1. LIESMARS at a glance
     The State Key Laboratory of Information Engineering in Surveying, Mapping and Remote Sensing, Wuhan University (LIESMARS) is the first state key laboratory in the field of surveying and mapping in China. In evaluations conducted by the Ministry of Science and Technology, LIESMARS was consecutively ranked “Excellent” in 2000, 2005, 2010, and 2015. The director of LIESMARS is Prof. Chen Ruizhi. The chairman of the academic committee of LIESMARS is Prof. Li Deren, who is an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Engineering.


Figure 2 Wuhan Urban Planning Exhibition Hall


2. Arrangements
14:00     Arrival at LIESMARS
     Group photo at the gate  
     Exploration of LIESMARS

●     Scientific achievements exhibition (2nd floor)
●     Laboratory visit (3rd floor)

14:30- 16:30  Academic communication (4th floor-Leisure Hall, 20mins speech and 10mins discussion for each topic)

●     14:30-15:00  Topic1:Luojia -1 remote sensing satellite, Prof. Guo Zhang 
●     15:00-15:30  Topic2: Urban land subsidence, Prof. Mingsheng Liao 
●     15:30-16:00  Topic3: Driverless cars, Prof. Bijun Li
●     16:00-16:30  Topic4: Urban big data, Prof. Xinyan Zhu


No.2     Wuhan Urban Planning Exhibition Hall (WUPEH)

1. Wuhan Planning Exhibition Hall at a glance
     Located to the east of the Wuhan Citizens Home, the Wuhan Urban Planning Exhibition Hall (WUPEH) opened in October 2012. It was built to high standards and arranged at a high starting point according to the “First in China and first-class in the world” standard in order to achieve the all-in-one construction goal of “City Parlor, Service Hall and Exhibition Center” that was set by the Wuhan CPC Municipal Committee and Government. It is serving as a vital platform for the all-around display of Wuhan City’s urban development history, construction achievements and future development blueprints. So far, WUPEH has been rated as a National Class AAAA Tourist Attraction. It has also been officially accredited as a “Wuhan City Field Teaching Base for Cadre Education and Training”, “Patriotic Education Base” and “Popular Science Education Base”, and was honored as a municipal-level “Youth Civilization Unit”.

     Today, WUPEH serves as a vital platform for citizens to learn about and participate in urban planning, a brilliant business card for Wuhan to display its city charms, and the preferred window for the promotion of Wuhan’s city image.


Figure 2 Wuhan Urban Planning Exhibition Hall


Figure 3 Location of WUPEH


2. Arrangements
     Arrival at WUPEH 
     Exploration of WUPEH 
     Introduction to Information Systems ( Multiple-Plan Integration and Intelligent Spatio-temporal Information Cloud Platform )
     Symposium and Exchange


No.3     Wuhan Land Use and Urban Spatial Planning Research Center (WLSP)

1. WLSP at a glance
     Wuhan Land Use and Urban Spatial Planning Research Center (WLSP), a public institution subordinated to Wuhan Municipal Land Resources and Planning Bureau, is a research institute specialized in public welfare services honored of dual A-class qualifications for land use planning and urban & rural planning formulations. WLSP mainly undertakes relevant studies on national, provincial and municipal land use, intensive land-use and classification and grading researches, formulation and amendment of urban planning at different levels, land use planning for construction projects and spatial planning demonstration as well as feasibility studies on urban redevelopment projects and policy studies for relevant planning implementations. Moreover, it is also engaged in handling businesses and affaire at municipal land institute.
     WLSP is brave in exploration with holding the concepts of “Urban Sustainable Development” and “Integration of Plan and Land”, to construct Five Technology Platforms for the research on land use, plan for execution, general management of land use, demonstration of land use and spatial planning, and policies etc., which has been appreciated highly by public opinion.


Figure 4 Wuhan Land Use and Urban Spatial Planning Research Center


2. Arrangements
14:30- 16:40     Subforum Report(Room 1012, WLSP, 55 Sanyang Road, Jiangan District)

●     14:30-14:50     Topic1:Development and Application of Wuhan Land Use and Spatial Planning Information Platform
●     14:50-15:20     Topic2: Towards a Quantifiable Evaluation of Urban Prosperity
●     15:20-15:30     Rest between Meetings
●     15:30-16:00     Topic3: Application of Homotopy Method to Surveying Space Resection
●     16:00-16:40     Keynote Speech or Discussion


No.4 Wuhan Planning and Design Institute (WPDI)

1. WPDI at a glance
     Founded in 1979, Wuhan Planning and Design Institute (WPDI) is affiliated to the Wuhan Land Resource and Planning Bureau. It is one of the most senior planning institutes with abundant technique potence, as well as the most important planning consultant authorities for urban construction in Wuhan. The institute has the A-grade qualification in urban planning, land planning, architecture construction, and the B-grade qualification in civil public industry(drainage and transportation). There are 363 technological experts and 325 professional employees working in 17 departments.  It had worked for many significant projects in the field of urban construction. It had finished many statutory planning projects such as Wuhan municipality master plan, land use master plan and controlling detailed plan etc. Based on those statutory planning projects, WPDI had conducted many planning research and design consultation works during the process of construction of urban major function districts, preservation of historical and cultural districts, renovation of old towns, and development of new towns, and had achieved outstanding reputation within the professional industry.
     It also regards the integration between international vision and local experience. In many major governmental implementing projects and prospective innovative field, WPDI has deeply cooperated with many renowned international organizations and universities. Its cooperative partners include approximate 30 international organizations such as Forster & Partners and Arup from UK, Aria from France, ARCDIS from Netherlands, HOK and SOM from USA. The international cooperation enhanced our planning skills and standards.


Figure 5 Wuhan Planning and Design Institute



14:30-14:40     Introduction of WPDI 
     Introduction of Territorial Spatial Planning (Master Planning) of Wuhan
     The Works of Planning Informatization
     The Research on Application of Big Data


No.5  Wuhan University


Core Strategic Partners