Qingming Zhan


Qing-ming Zhan, male, born in September 1964 in fujian yongan, Dr 1996 professors, 2004, doctoral supervisor, the incumbent vice President of the school of urban design, wuhan university, wuhan university of digital city research center, deputy director of state key laboratory of remote sensing information engineering of surveying and mapping adjunct professor, national cultural innovation research center of wuhan university part-time researcher. He is vice chairman of the second working group of the third committee of the international society of photogrammetry and remote sensing, member of the small and medium-sized cities branch of the Chinese society of urban studies, editor of the British academic journal Construction Innovation, and reviewer of 8 famous academic journals at home and abroad. Mainly engaged in the geographic information system and remote sensing application research in urban planning and management and urban planning professional teaching and research work, preside over 1 863 national ministry of science and technology projects, host 2 national natural science foundation projects, host and attend the United Nations development programme (UNDP), the world bank loan, the global environment facility and the Asian development bank, the Netherlands, the state bureau of surveying and mapping surveying and mapping development research foundation, start study abroad returnees from the ministry of education scientific research funds, state key laboratory open fund, research fund of Hong Kong, wuhan, shenzhen, fuzhou and other urban government and so on more than 40 research projects, Won third prize provincial science and technology progress prize three times, teaching excellence award prizes at the provincial or ministerial level, urban planning and design excellence award the second prize in hubei province, the national urban planning new technology application, advanced workers, China's urban planning and application of new technology to promote advanced worker 1 (urban planning society of China and the China urban planning association, 2005). Editor in chief of the town planning of spatial geographic information and decision support, "Dr. Monographs published English" A Hierarchical Object - -based Approach for Urban Land - Use Classification from Remote Sensing Data ", published materials city Remote Sensing technology and so on five books, published more than 90 papers at home and abroad.


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