John Stillwell


Prof John Stillwell's research interests include internal and international population migration, planning support systems (PSS), and regional development and planning.My research interests have always been in the general area of quantitative human geography with particular focus on the analysis and modelling of internal migration in different parts of the world.As Director of the UK Data Service-Census Support (2011-2017), my responsibility was to coordinate the provision of online services delivering census data to the global user community.As Director of the Centre for Interaction Data Estimation and Research CIDER (2006-2011), my responsibility was to provide an online interface for users to access and download Origin-Destination Statistics (ODS) and to understand patterns and processes of interaction behaviour, particularly internal migration, international migration, commuting to work and commuting to school.As the national Coordinator of the ESRC’s Understanding Population Trends and Processes UPTAP programme (2005-2009), I oversaw a wide range of demographic projects by researchers in different disciplines across the UK and organise the dissemination of results within and beyond the academic community.I am committed to demonstrating the relevance and practical importance of the research we do as geographers and that is why I am pleased to have edited the Yorkshire and Humber Regional Review for 20 years and the journal Applied Spatial Analysis and Policy since its launch in 2008.


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